Mithras Gulf Consulting (MGC) is an internationally known research firm offering a full range of custom market research, industry analysis, and information-gathering services -- all specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client.  Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, MGC provides the highest quality market information, advice, and service to international businesses interested in the Middle East.

With its highly skilled staff, MGC is one of the most competitive market intelligence companies of its type in the region.  MGC is widely used by organizations world-wide in providing expert guidance on competitive analysis and strategies in Middle East matters. The company also consults with them in their considerations of foreign direct investments along with assisting in the decision-making process regarding mergers & acquisitions involving Middle Eastern enterprises.   

Mithras Gulf Consulting delivers cost-effective, high quality consulting and research projects to clientele around the world who are seeking reliable information about the Middle East. At MGC, we offer speed, quality and dependability while making sure that each client receives the highest value for the least expense. 

Communicating With MGC

Thumbnail International Teleconferencing
MGC offers international web teleconferencing, both audio and video, to its clientele for their convenience.
Thumbnail Client Confidentiality & Transmission Security
MGC is honored to be entrusted with confidential client communications as part of its consultation and research services. Accordingly, MGC maintains quality standards to insure that each client’s information is kept private and secure at all times through a variety of internal protocols and practice standards.

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